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Cicak Man, directed by Yusry Abdul Halim, is an action-comedy flick packed with special effects and cool Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)! It features a stellar line-up including Saiful Apek (as Cicak Man and Hairi), Yusry KRU (Danny), Aznil Nawawi (Professor Klon), Fasha Sandha (Tania), Adlin Aman Ramlie (Ginger 1), AC Mizal (Ginger 2), Yasmin Hani (Nadia) and many more.

CICAKMAN OST album is a compilation album of tremendous hits that’s to die for! The eclectic selection of tracks is sure to spark interest in everyone - from the hard-rocking beat of rock to the soft soothing sounds of ballads proves that it has what it takes to be an excellent album to have in one’s collection.

Diari Seorang Lelaki by Pretty Ugly and Spider's Telinga ke Tulang are already massive hits and there will also be new singles from the album - Jika Ku Tak Bangun Esok Pagi by Yusry and Menunggumu by Ezlynn!

Track listing
‘Akulah Cicakman’    
Cicak Man (download)
  The Times
THE theme song was composed by Edry and performed by The Times, an up-and-coming band. These young lads performed in their own rendition indie pop style while not relinquishing the key elements as the theme song of the movie. The lyrics tell of the basic background of the movie and Cicak Man himself of how he came to be.
‘Keyakinan Diri’
Telinga ke Tulang (download)
THE rock and ska based single fans have been waiting to get their hands on! Since it hit the airwaves, demands for it have escalated and even more so after it was performed live at Augerah ERA 2006. Backed with a cool music video packed with high-end graphics and imageries from the actual movie as it was shot solely on green screen, music composition by Tam Spider (vocalist of the band and has been known to be experimental with songs composed by himself) and lyrics by Loloq (one of the most ascertained song-writer currently in Malaysia)... this single is irreplaceable!
’10,000 Fulus’
Diari Seorang Lelaki (download)
Pretty Ugly
WINNER of the Lagu Rock Pilihan (Choice Rock Song) category voted by fans nationwide in Anugerah ERA 2006 where it was performed live. Need we say more?
‘Bukan Milik Aku’
Menunggumu (download)
EZLYNN’s latest single since the release of her Pssst… album in 2004. Composed by Panji Siswanto of Syuga and produced by none other than Edry himself. And yes, it’s a love ballad but with a medium beat accompanied by a beautiful melody and lyrics that are really heartfelt. It's sure to appeal to romantics young and old.
‘Klon Yang Punyer’
Professor Klon (download)
Aznil Hj Nawawi
A bouncy song beautifully accompanied by an orchestra. Performed by Profesor Klon himself, Aznil Nawawi! The song itself has an element of being sinister but overall fun and poppy at the same time - think Disney songs by their 'villains'. Sing-a-long to this song is a must by children and adult alike as the lyrics are simple enough but successfully portrays the personality of the character in the movie. Composed and produced by Edry.
‘Janji Danny’
Jika Ku Tak Bangun Esok Pagi (download)
THE long-awaited single of Yusry KRU since the release of his self-titled debut album in 2003. In this song, his vocals has noticeably matured, stronger yet soothing. A touching song with slow melodic instrumentations and sorrowful lyrics to bring a tear to one’s eye. The song is composed and produced by Edry. Interestingly, this is the first time in history for Edry to produce a song WITHOUT any drums at all! Only guitars and string instruments are used to maximize the sincerity of the lyrics. A beautiful love ballad to be listened by all who has ever lost someone or something they love and cherish very much.
‘Yang Original Lebih Bagus’
Bukan Illusi (download)
Dr Kronik
A cool song with it’s hard-rocking beat fused with edgy rap. Composed by Chi of Dr. Kronik and featuring Zam Indigo. Sure to please those with an appetite for rock music with a difference. Catchy lyrics completes this head banging number.
‘Kaulah Cicakman’
Dialah Aku (download)
THIS love song by Syuga is a ballad with a pop rock-ish feel to it. Even so, with its easy-listening and soothing melody complete with simple yet deep lyrics, one can’t help but hum along to this song. Previously released in their album of the same title in early 2006. With a music video depicting the love vista of the movie, this song is one to remember and love.

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